Graphic Design

There are 3 responses to a piece of design. Yes, No, Wow.

And WOW! is what we at Pixel Blush aim for. And also, a more obvious response would be, OMG, it’s approved. Our designers are always striving for excellence and your appreciative reactions to their creativity


You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.’ ~ Gusteau, Ratatouille
Animation is all about your imagination and we would love to push the boundaries with your idea and our creativity. Create another Ratatouille? We’re a cheese away, we mean a call away.


The last page of our book has always been reserved for those goofy sketches, abstract art, and scribbles. We all have a little doodler inside each one of us. The best part of Doodles is that it’s absolutely fun, for our designers to create and for you to look at. Plus, the creative process of you describing your memories and we bringing them to life is so much fun. With creative minds at play, we create personalized doodle frames, mugs, cups, you name it, even trash bins for that matter, so the next time you throw that waste paper in the bin, you smile!

Wedding Invites

We understand how important it is for your’s D -day to be perfect! We aim to add a memorable touch to your events with customized beautiful designs for invitations; cards that resonate with your dream wedding.


You have just 10 mins to crack the deal, and the presentation is one major part of that. We know that a perfect PowerPoint is needed for that perfect pitch! Targeting your investor, client, or boss with the right flow alongside clear and crisp messaging is crucial. We decode the brief and draft a professional presentation that strikes a chord.

Other Services

Have multiple designs and content requirements? Well, the genie just seems to be in a good mood.
While we offer a plethora of services, from creative content writing, social media, and influencer marketing to E-commerce marketing, make sure you don’t run out of requirements.
Give us a call, no need to rub the lamp!


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