How do we make Pixel Perfect Designs for you?

At Pixel Blush Design Studio, we believe in creating designs that are unique to your brand. While designing, we keep in mind that elements of design are different from principles of design and they should not be confused with each other. Every design should consists of these elements. Before creating something, we go through these elements and align them with brands‘ requirements.

These are some rules which are followed by our designers to create visually appealing art. We start with the basics and then tweak them based on our client‘s needs.

1. Color:
This is the most important element. At Pixel Blush even monochromatic designs are given attention to detail while adjusting contrast and hue. Red, Green, Blue often referred to as RBG are the primary colors in the color scheme. When we mix them we get secondary colors like orange, yellow and purple. As per your brand, we try to come up with a unique set of colors. We further categorize them into warm and cool to match the persona of your brand.

2. Line:
Line in our industry represents a connection between the two points that enhances, directs, and creates movement. We often use lines to divide texts and point the direction in which you can find important information. These lines are not actual visual lines, but artwork placed in a manner that guides your eyeline towards the correct order of things.

3. Shape:
Shape is a defined area that distinguishes itself from its surroundings. We put together shapes that resonate with your identity in the overall brand deck, so it is easy not just for you but also your future audience to understand the brand image. While keeping it consistent, we stick to the brand guidelines and ensure the larger message is communicated.

4. Texture:
Textures help in conveying messages and emotions of your brand. We try to use appropriate texture that are appealing to the eyes and complements your brands identity.

5. Space:
This is of utmost importance. The perfect balance between whitespace and imagery is very essential to portray the right emotions. We use Space to provide a professional and elegant look to our design. Space is often used to separate the elements of design as well as to connect the elements of design to reveal their relationship with each other.

6. Value:
Value in our design refers to the value of light. Without contrast, you will not be able to read what is written on this screen. We use it so that it can provide the tone to the designs. We aesthetically play with light tones and dark tones to create a visually appealing look.

At Pixel Blush we help you convert your vision into reality to communicate the message correctly. If you want us to make Pixel Perfect Designs for you, drop us an email and we will get back to you with some amazing ideas.

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