About Pixel Blush Design Studio

Pixel Perfection can be achieved by actively listening and accurately implementing.

This is what we call Creative Communication through Design.

Meet The Team

Pixel Perfection can be achieved by actively listening and accurately implementing.

This is what we call Creative Communication through Design.

Khushboo Khemka

Founder and Creative Director

A star graphic designer with an MBA in event management and mass communication.Marvellous in whiteboard animation, design, doodle art, and presentation, Khushboo has a diverse clienteleexperience and has contributed to multiple domains like Finance, Hospitality, Food industry, Technology, events, sports, print media, and the like.She is also an aspiring art director.
Oh well, Pixel Blush Design Studio is her brainchild.

Phew, apart from Khushboo,only Rajnikanth could have pulled off all of this.

Roohi Maryam

Senior Graphic Designer

A passionate graphic designer with a master’s degree in political science. Yes! You read that right! Roohi is not your regular designer; her personality can be etched in Bold Italics. Roohi is a cat lover, responsible, and loves thinking outside the box. And maybe, with a piece of design, she’d deliver a joke too. Did we mention she is a Bollywood movie buff!

Varun Sen

2D Designer and Motion Graphics Artist

An amazing designer and animator with an unlimited supply of creativity and tricks up his sleeves. Varun has a natural passion for designing and motion graphics. He loves photography and movies. He has a sweet tooth too. Did we mention that he is a gym freak! (yeah, all that sweet calories need to be burnt!)

Hrishikesh Gawde

2D animator and 3D artist

Hrishikesh is your next-door boy but has graphic design as his armour. He firmly believes that with great power, comes great responsibility! He has his skills, that’s his power. He is bestowed with your design requirements and deadlines, that’s his responsibility.

Ps. Feel free to give him ample responsibilities.

Prathamesh Gaikwad

Senior 3D Animator

A talented 3D motion graphic artist, best in decoding what the client really does require. Prathamesh exactly knows and understands your requirements with his amazing Spidey instincts, even if you speak gibberish. (Not kidding)

Three things that he absolutely cannot do without are KitKat (break toh uska bhi banta hai), Deadlines (he usually beats the deadline), and Gaming (Banda gamer hai)!

Fatema Khokawala

Content Expert

Meet Fatema Khokawala, a passionate creative content writer and a PGD in Marketing Management by degree She believes in creating impact with words (oh yes, she’s a smart mouth). Also, a budding creative designer. One thing she can do without absolute embarrassment is to think about food and talk about food while she eats food. (Also, a part-time food blogger).
Her personality is a combination of Chandler and Phoebe. Astoundingly Sarcastic and charmingly Weird.
She is creative and witty, around the clock! So, don’t worry about the deadlines.

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