6 Cool PowerPoint Presentation tips and tricks

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around since 1987 and is by far the most popular presentation tool. It is useful to present a hot new startup idea or to present your marketing strategies. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, here are some cool PowerPoint tips and tricks that will be handy for your next presentation.

1. More image, less text:
A picture is worth a thousand words. It can communicate your message more effectively. Relevant and high-quality images will keep the audience engaged. Keeping words to a minimum ensures that the audience does not lose focus from you while you are presenting and the images on the screen behind you can complement your words instead.

2. Design matters:
Follow a consistent design throughout all the slides. Self-designed templates and graphics, simple fonts which complement the templates will bring out a professional look. Imagine a session where your audience is interacting with you rather than reading the ppts full of text blocks and bad images. The power of design is such.

3. No paragraphs:
Bulk of information presented in a paragraph format is more likely to leave your audience drained of energy. Ideally in presentations, one should keep the text in bullet format only. The 6×6 Rule applies, which states that every slide must have 6 bullet points and 6 words in every bullet point.

4. Use appropriate colors:
Colors evoke feelings. Using standard colors is always preferable but using the color that represents your brand is always a good idea. A perfect balance of light and dark colors gives a visually appealing look. Light background with dark text works amazing if you plan to keep lights on while presenting. Light text on a dark background works fine if you will be presenting in a dark room.

5. Keep it simple:
Less is more. While making your presentation always focus on a clear message rather than cluttered information with unnecessary content. Avoid over formatting at all costs. Use simple and relevant charts that are easy to understand.

6. Hire a design agency:
A professional agency will always have an upper edge in making a PowerPoint presentation that will stand out. At Pixel Blush Design Studio, we design super effective and functional presentations and ensure that we give you the ability to edit the content. While keeping things simple, combining appropriate fonts and colors, custom graphics, royalty-free images, relevant charts, and infographics are some of the ways.

We always ensure that your presentation makes a greater impact amongst the crowd.

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