5 Common Mistakes to avoid while making a PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint presentations can make or break your pitch. It is more than just presenting facts. Only a few bad slides can diminish the impact which could be created on the audience.

Mistakes that one should avoid while making a presentation:

1. Too many slides:
Don‘t add too many slides. You should create the perfect balance between the quality and simplicity of the message. Having more than 50 slides for an audience that will view it online is quite boring. Keep your content crisp and relevant.
Tip: Combine slides that are repetitive or use animation to portray the content smartly.

2. Too much text:
Your presentation should not have too much content. Follow 6×6 Rule. Try to put important information in your slides in pointers and talk about them while presenting the slides, instead of typing all of it on the ppt itself. It‘s a good thing to show data supporting your claims, but don‘t overdo it. An excess amount of text is hard to read.
Tip: Each slide should have a maximum of 8 – 20 words. Use images instead to make your presentation interesting.

3. Inappropriate fonts:
Comic Sans is a complete no-no for a corporate office presentation. It is fine for educational presentations at schools. Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman are widely used in most of the PPTs. Don‘t use bold and italic styles, it‘s difficult to read from distance. Avoid thick fonts.
Tip: Combine Serif and San serif fonts to create an impression. Serif for headings, San serif for other text. Always remember to keep the same font type, size, and style on all pages.

4. Resolution:
Taking a screenshot, copying from the internet, using a lot of clipart, etc. will reduce your credibility. Using high-quality stock photos creates a good impression.
Tip: There are many free stock image sites that you can utilize to source high-quality images; most of them have good free images to use, some come at a cost of merely crediting the image owner, which is a good catch since you do not have to spend.

5. Transitions and animations:
It is alright to play around with some transitions in some slides where you want to create the visual effects. Overdoing it will harm your presentation. It might take away the essence of the presentation diverting the audience’s mind towards the animation.
Tip: Use transitions only when necessary.
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